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*Puts on statistics glasses* You are amazing! People tuned in more than we expected in the past thirty days, over the Christmas break. And, I would like to thank you… As I write this, in the past thirty days there were 36,765 Listener Minutes for our small station. I am unsure if this was one […]

You might be asking yourself, “How can I listen to HCR on my Smart Speaker?” Well, I was thinking that over the Christmas break and I made sure there was a solution by today. There is a solution that should work on Google Assistant, Alexa and Sonos – Ruark we are still working on. Here… […]

A new volunteer position is up for grabs at Harrogate Community Radio. We are, and always will be, staffed by volunteers. Harrogate Community Radio need somebody to help with the Events Board on our website. Duties will include seeking out events in and around Harrogate and district. We are hoping to inform our visitors (150+ […]

We figure we would try and answer the burning question of “What is on over Christmas on HCR?” Well, we are a small station with volunteers – so, it is what is available to broadcast. Yes, there will be festive themed shows so tune in to your favourite show to hear what your favourite show […]

Between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, BBC Radio 1 would love to give some new, aspiring radio presenters a chance to broadcast on their network. If you have already hosted on a community, hospital, student or local radio station and you know your way around a radio desk they’d love to hear from you. […]

I am writing this post having eaten my body weight in cake – the Station Open Day I have just returned from was a success. Me, Scooby & Allan held the Station Open Day to help people who were a bit wary about the technical side of recording a radio show. We helped people confront […]

Harrogate Community Radio are recruiting! Do you want to be on the radio? Do you have a passion for your passion? Do you want to share your love of Harrogate? Get in contact with the committee at info@harrogatecommunityradio.online and we can help you out. Are you serious about Soul? Mad about Metal? Do you rant […]

Woosh! Double whammy! We are now accredited members of the Community Media Association and the Radio Academy. Both of these bodies are acting as voices for the likes of us. They put together the queries and concerns of the smaller guys in to one coherant envelope and then post that envelope off to the big […]

We are having an open day at Creao Studio! Harrogate Community Radio are having an open day at Creao Studio to show the general public how to go about making their own radio show. Andy will be on hand to have a word about, and demonstrate, the software we use (and you can have) to […]

So, the BBC are recruiting. Why would I go further in to the details of why another station are recruiting? Because the BBC is a global brand. If you make it to the BBC you are made as a presenter. At Harrogate Community Radio we are passionate about good broadcast. This means if the BBC […]

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