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In this article, I’m going to take a comprehensive beginner’s look at Reaper, a widely-used, well-supported and easy-to-learn DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). By the end of it, you should know enough to get started making your own podcast recordings at home. A cup of tea might be needed as you read this blog post as […]

Sigh, the things we go to to help get the name of the station out there. We managed to tear ourselves away from the control room of Harrogate Community Radio and spend some time in the Wet Sales areas of Harrogate. We were on a mission to get as many Harrogate Community Radio beer mats […]

So, we are knee-deep in to our second week of broadcasting. We have learned a lot from the first week and we are moving on with the second week’s instalment of shows. But, what do we have to tell you? Well, there is still a lot that you need to know when you tune in […]

We are broadcasting! Harrogate Community Radio started broadcasting at midnight on the first of August 2019 – Yorkshire Day. Two of the admin were there to crack a beer on the bow of the broadcast and it was wholesome fun – I even did a special dance! Allan & myself, Andy, met up at Creao […]

In this Blog post, I hope to try and persuade you to have a crack at producing your own radio show. Harrogate Community Radio hopes to be a community radio station that could be received on any modern type of mobile phone or computer – we also hope to broadcast to WiFi Radio. 1. Who […]

I am over the moon to tell you that we have been secured licenses up until the first of January. Right good! We have self funded the licenses, by the committee, to give people a flavour of what the station will be like when we get under full steam. We start broadcasting on August the […]

I am very happy to tell you that there is now a test broadcast for Harrogate Community Radio. It is a field recording fo the Dawn Chorus taken at a farm near Ripon by myself, Andy Backhouse. The hour-ish long recording is just looping away in the background – and, who doesn’t like a bit […]

People have ben contacting the station by email and Tweet to ask how they go about getting a show on Harrogate Community Radio. In this post I hope to outline a few pointers that could help ease you along. What Do We Need From You Essentially all we need from you is a level of […]

We have a deal with ASAV, a local Audio Visual distributer, available for the hosts of shows on Harrogate Community Radio. I stipulate that other, inferior options are available but we have negotiated a bargain. This equipment should see you right for podcasting for years – which is the cheaper option rather than using a […]

Hi, so in this post I am going to try and explain why and how to Normalise to -2.9db in Reaper DAW, by Cuckos. Please contact me, Andy, to see about getting your own copy of Reaper. If you are part of the station then I have a license for you. But, first of all, […]

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