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Impeccable Taste

Aidan Cowley presents MOONSHAKIN’ – which is broadcast every First Sunday at 4pm on Harrogate Community Radio. Having experience with College Radio, Aidan is a welcome member of the team at HCR and he will hopefully be showing Admin Smyth, DJ Scooby & Admin Andy a thing or two.

Having studied at Uni, Aidan has advanced knowledge of Wet Sales and met Scooby & Admin Andy in Major Tom’s – they got talking and this is the result, as well as a well-cemented friendship.

Aidan Cowley present MOONSHAKIN’ – a show that is increasingly difficult to pigeon hole the further you listen to it. So, take the trip twice and tell a friend…

I find it very difficult to narrow down my music taste, it can swing from Gospel to Metal. However the most prominent music genres played will be a combination of Alternative Rock, Left-field Pop and New Wave.


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