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Recorded in collaboration with Destination Venus.


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The Geeks at the Gate are a group of ten geeks who get together to discuss geeky things. Sometimes TV, sometimes movies, sometimes comics. Often they focus on particular shows or series, sometimes they delve into more philosophical questions like “Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?” or “What were the top five SciFi spaceships ever?”

Usually recorded in what used to be the comic shop Destination Venus (and is now full of Russian craft goods) The Geeks at the Gates are often passionate, sometimes heated, occasionally controversial, always geeky. This motley collection of comics shop owners, former teachers, scientists, writers, film buffs, yoga teachers, animators, computer experts, publishers and artists always has an opinion and the desire to express it…

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Destination Venus is tucked away in the Everyman Cinema - it's great!

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